Deductible Gift Recipient

What is Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)

The Australian Neighbourhood and Centres Association (ANHCA) Public Fund is a fund which can assist community organisations which are part of ANHCA’s national network of community and neighbourhood houses and centres to raise funds through public and corporate donations.

The ANHCA Public Fund provides a mechanism which enables community centres, through ANHCA, to:

  • take donations for which the donor or philanthropic body wishes to claim as a tax deduction
  • apply for grants provided by philanthropic bodies and foundations which require DGR (tax deductibility) status.

Donations are a great way for local businesses, community members and foundations to support the work of Community and Neighbourhood Houses and Centres. Donations can be used for a range of activities and opportunities including food relief, building an indigenous garden, equipment replacement, establishing a community play space, community festivals and events. 

For your Community or Neighbourhood House/Centre to be eligible to receive tax deductible donations of $20 or more from individuals and businesses, follow these steps provided by ANHCA. 

Further Information

Further information is available from ANHCA

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