Information Sharing Guidelines

What are the Information Sharing Guidelines (ISG)?

We have drafted some documents to assist centres to develop their procedure and supporting documents:

  • generic template for an ISG procedure (called an ISG Appendix) which can be adapted by individual centres to guide and support paid and volunteer staff to ensure they respect privacy and at the same time share information appropriately
  • ISG consent form

The ISG provide clear guidance where information sharing between service providers can support earlier and better coordinated services that respond to risks to safety and wellbeing to their clients and members of the community. The ISG apply to all organisations receiving State Government Funding but also provide a best practice procedure for all centres, even if not funded.

Department of the Premier and Cabinet Resources

The Department of the Premier and Cabinet have numerous resources available to the public to assist with understanding the ISG and developing your own appendix. This include a free 15 minute online course with practice scenarios to help you determine when it is (and isn’t) appropriate to share information.