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What are Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES)

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (sometimes called ASES) are quality standards for the community services sector. In South Australia the standards are administered by the Department of Human Services (DHS). Community service organisations are assessed against the standards by a service provider they select from a panel appointed by the Department. The service providers charge fees for the assessment – there is information about the current fees on the Department’s website.

Achievement of the standards can be at the Certificate level (the first level) or the Award level. Organisations must achieve accreditation at the Certificate level before they seek accreditation at the Award level. Accreditation is for a period of three years.

In the past we prepared a wide range of resources to help our members set up the policies, procedures and processes that have contributed to the achievement of the Australian Service Excellence Standards. Please note that these are mostly ten years or older, and do not map directly to current ASES requirements. Nevertheless, they may still provide a level of information to support you in your ASES journey so we have chosen to continue to make them available to you.

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Department of Human Services (DHS) Resources

Find out more about the seven principles that these standards are based on with DHS’s resources. Understand the difference between obtaining a certificate and an award.