What is iDrive

iDrive is a supervised driving program providing experience behind the wheel for learner drivers. In South Australia, 75 hours of driving experience is required on your Learner’s permit to graduate to a Provisional drivers licence – a goal that for many people can be hard to achieve for any number of reasons.

iDrive aims to lessen that barrier by providing a vehicle and safe space for learner drivers to gain hours behind the wheel. Through supervised driving sessions with a volunteer mentor, learner drivers will be able to work towards achieving their 75 hours and their independence as a licenced driver. One of the most significant barriers to gaining employment and progressing in many areas of life is the lack of a drivers licence.

The iDrive program also aims to strengthen connections within the community by increasing connectedness to partnering community centres.

Are you looking for someone to go driving with

If you need experience behind the wheel to get your Provisional drivers licence (P plates), then you’ve found the right program!

To participate as a Learner Driver in iDrive, you are required to meet the following criteria and provide the proof that you are safe to be driving with a volunteer supervisory mentor:

  • Be 16 years of age or older
  • Hold a current South Australian Learner Driver Permit
  • Have limited or no access to a roadworthy vehicle or supervisory mentor driver
  • Provide a “learner driver competency statement” which is signed by a professional driving instructor to ensure that you are safe to drive in the company of a volunteer supervisor

Want to become a volunteer mentor driver

If you’d like to volunteer your time to help make a difference in the lives of learner drivers experiencing difficulty accessing a supervisor driver or a safe vehicle to go driving in, please contact us.

Further Information

Contact CCSA via or 8371 4622

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