professional development

As a peak body for Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses, we are committed to building the capacity of the staff and volunteers in our sector. We believe in working collaboratively with others to help them build the skills they need to support their communities. We offer this partly through a selection of courses for community development practitioners and CCSA members.

Self-led online courses are available all year around. Webinars and face-to-face trainings take place as sector need requires.

Please, contact us if you would like to request a bespoke face-to-face training for a group or organisation.

Upcoming Events

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Community Development Course Packages

CCSA has developed the following  packages in collaboration with the community development sector. They include courses specific to those just getting started in the community development sector and those who are practicing professionally.

These courses are self-led and available online 24/7. They are perfect for volunteers, students and community development professionals.

Getting Started in Community Development

The courses within the Getting Started in Community Development package are available for individual purchase. Mix and match them according to your needs. Or, purchase the full package with all five courses at a discounted price.

An introduction to the foundations of community development, exploring definitions, global perspectives, historical influences and the values and principles underlying this ever-evolving field of practice.

Explore the core theories and frameworks that underpin community development work. Including strengths and asset based approaches, empowerment and capacity building, active citizenship and human rights.

Active listening, customer service, team work and conflict resolution are useful regardless of the work we do. In community development these skills assist with upholding and promoting the principles of social justice, empowerment, human rights and respect for diversity.

Understand how to utilise collaborative practice to fulfil your responsibility as an ally and advocate in community development work. Build your group facilitation skills.

Explore the different uses of digital content across social media platforms to promote social justice and engagement for your community organisation.

Community Development in Practice

The courses within the Community Development in Practice package are available for individual purchase. Mix and match them according to your needs. Or, purchase the full package with all five courses at a discounted price.

Utilise CCSA’s Community Needs Analysis toolkit to assess the gaps and strengths in your community centre’s services. Make a plan to get under-represented groups involved.

Explore the seven principles of placemaking to create a welcoming space in the building you have. Utilise placemaking projects to create physically and culturally safe spaces. 

Support diverse communities through allyship, advocacy and empowerment. Build your awareness of the systems and beliefs in your community that may be barriers to inclusion.

Understand the barriers to inclusion facing our ageing population. Promote healthy ageing through dementia friendly spaces, meaningful engagement and intergenerational interaction.

Understand the purpose and importance of governance in community organisations. Learn how to manage conflicts of interest and stay safe as a Board member. 

The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

– Henry Ford