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The guide below uses images from a laptop or desktop computer. Any differences in tablet or mobile phone use will be noted.

You can click on any of the images to look at them more closely.

Table of Contents

Accessing Your Courses

Logging in

You must be logged into the website to access your courses. From any page on the Learning Hub click the Log In button.

Type your Username (1) and your Password (2) and click the Log In (3) button.

Note: Your username and password details will have been emailed to you. Be sure to check your junk email or spam folder if you can’t see the email in your inbox. If you have forgotten your password click the  ‘forgot password’ link and follow the prompts.

The Learner Portal and Learner Profile

Once logged in you will see the Learner Portal. If you cannot see the Learner Portal page, you can click the Learner Portal link at the top of the page.

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet you may need to use the central Hamburger Menu to view the Learner Portal and other links.

When you can see the Learner Portal, scroll down to view your Learner Profile. From here you can view all your online courses and download your certificates.

If you have not finished the course, it will have a partially filled circle next to the title and a label to say it is ‘in progress.’ If you have finished the course, it will have a tick next to the title and a label to say it is ‘complete.’ 

You can click the Expand All button to view detailed progress for each course. Click Collapse All to see the simplified progress again.

If you have received a certificate for the course, you can click on the Certificate Icon to download it.

Starting or Resuming a Course

You can click on the name of the course to continue it or to review the content of a completed course.

Course Info Page

When you click on a course to start or resume, you will be directed to the course information page. This will look different for each course but the pages will have some similarities. From each course info page you will be able to see what the course is about (1), any important details (2) and your progress (3).

We can go back to our learner portal or the learning hub home page by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

Learning on the Learning Hub is split into Courses, Lessons, Topics and Quizzes. To complete a course and receive a certificate you may need to complete a number of lessons and their topics and quizzes.

Scroll down on the Course Information page to view the lessons included in that course. For each lesson in the course you will see:

  1. A banner that tells you your progress for that lesson
  2. An image representing the lesson – click this to continue or revisit the lesson’s content
  3. The lesson name
  4. A See More button – click this to continue or revisit the lesson’s content

In the example below we can see that some lessons have already been completed, one is in progress and others have not been started. We can also see that the progress bar shows we have completed some of the course already. Click on the picture or the See More button to continue.

If you go back to where you finished last time, you can also click the Resume (5) button on the right-hand side bar.

Lesson, Topic and Quiz View

When you enter the lesson there are three areas of the page. At the top is the Menu Bar. On the left there is a Navigation Pane where we can see all the lessons, their topics and quizzes included in this course. On the right is the Lesson Content. These elements are the same throughout all courses.

Menu Bar

At the very top of the screen you will see the menu bar. From here you can:

  1. Return to the CCSA Learning Hub Home Page
  2. View your progress for this course
  3. Navigate to the previous or next lesson
  4. View the Learner Menu which has links to return to the Course Info Page (Home), the Support page, return to the CCSA Learning Hub Home Page or Logout.

On a phone or tablet, the Menu Bar is very similar. You can:

1. View your progress
2. Open the Learner Menu
3. Navigate to the previous or next lesson

The mobile and tablet Menu Bar does not have the purple house icon to return to the CCSA Learning Hub Home Page. Instead you can do this by clicking on the Learner Menu and then Learning Hub.

Navigation Pane

If you are using a tablet or mobile phone, you may need to click the Hamburger Menu in the top left of the screen to view the navigation pane. This is to keep it out of your way on a smaller screen, click the arrow to hide the pane again.

In the navigation pane we can see each of the lessons that make up the course. We can also view the topics and quizzes that make up the lessons.

  1. Click the Up Arrow to hide the topics and quizzes
  2. Click the Down Arrow to view the topics and quizzes that makeup the lesson
  3. A completed lesson will be marked with a tick
  4. For a lesson to be completed, all of the topics and quizzes in that lesson will need to be completed too
  5. Lessons and topics that are in progress will  have a partial circle
  6. Lessons and topics that have not been started will have an empty circle
Clicking on the name of a lesson, topic or quiz will take you to that content. Clicking on the Course Name at the top of the navigation panel will take you back to the Course Info Page.
Viewing Lesson and Topic Content

When we are looking at the lesson or topic content we can scroll down to read the text and interact with the content.

Some lessons or topics include videos. You can watch the video by clicking the Play button that looks like an arrow.

Sometimes there will be links that take you outside of the course. They will be underlined and in purple. When you click the link it will open in a new tab so that you don’t lose your place in the lesson.

Once you have finished looking at the resource you can return to the lesson by clicking on the Community Learning tab – the one with the white and purple house logo.

Completing a Course

Completing Lesson and Topic Content

At the bottom of the lesson page you will see the topics and quizzes that are included in the lesson (1). You can begin the topic or quiz by clicking on the name, similar to in the navigation panel. Topics and quizzes will be marked with a tick here when completed. The progress of the lesson will be recorded at the top of the table (2).

Note that at the bottom of the lesson page there are also buttons to navigate to previous and next lessons and back to the Course Info Page (3).

Topic content is identical to lesson content except for the navigation at the bottom of the page. At the bottom of a topic page there will only be Previous Topic and Next Topic buttons instead of a list of the topics and quizzes for the lesson.

When you have finished viewing the content for the topic you can click Next Topic to continue. If it is the last topic in that lesson, instead of a Next Topic button there will be a Mark Complete button to complete the lesson.

Clicking the Mark Complete button at the end of the last topic will bring you back to the lesson page. Either scroll to the bottom of the page to check that all of the topics and quizzes are ticked (1) and marked as complete or check in the navigation pane (2). You can then click the Next Lesson (3) button or the lesson name in the navigation pane (4) to continue.

Some courses need you to complete one lesson or topic before you can start another. This is to make sure you get all of the information in the right order. If you get a yellow notification like the one below, it means you have missed something in a previous section.

Check the navigation panel to see which lessons, topics or quizzes don’t have a tick next to them. Click on that item to revisit it and complete it.

Completing Quizzes

Some courses will have quizzes to test your knowledge. The first page of the quiz will give you instructions. Click the Start Quiz button to see the first question.

Read the questions carefully before  you select your answer. Some questions will let you choose more than one answer – the question will tell you how many you are required to select.

Click the Hint button for a free tip on how to answer the question – this will not affect your score.

Click Check when you think you have the right answer.

As you answer each question and click the Check button, you will get feedback about whether your answer was correct or incorrect. Sometimes extra information will be given to you as a reminder.

When you get to the end of the quiz you will see your results. Most quizzes require you to get at least 80% of answers correct to move on.

  1. Click the View Questions button to see the answers you chose and which were correct.
  2. Click the Restart Quiz button to try answering the same questions again and improve your score.
  3. Click the Click Here To Continue button to move onto the next lesson or topic – this button will not be available if you have not achieved a passing score.

Providing Feedback

When you have complete all of the lessons, topics and quizzes in a course you will be asked to complete a feedback form. This is not required to complete the course but your feedback helps us make every learner’s journey better!

When you see the big purple tick and ‘Thank You’ message the survey is complete. Click the Back To Course link to download your certificate.

Downloading Your Certificate

After completing a course, on the Course Info Page you will see the certificate banner. Click the Download Certificate button.

Clicking Download Certificate will open a new tab with your certificate in it. From here you can either Download the certificate and save it somewhere safe on your device or Print a copy.

If you lose your certificate or need another copy, you can download your certificate again from the Course Info Page or from your learner portal by clicking on the Certificate Icon.