Adult Community Education Resources

What is Adult Community Education?

Adult Community Education programmes are funded by the South Australian Department for Innovation and Skills to be delivered from many of our community centres and also by local councils, libraries and other community-based organisations.

These programmes are community-based learning programs. They support members of our communities to begin their adult learning journey. Often the programs are taken by people who want to participate in learning and further training to increase their employability opportunities or life skills, but who face social and economic barriers to participation in a more formal learning setting.

The community learning programme tutors are often local community members (many of whom have started off as volunteers in their local centre). Community Centres SA have supported the community centre to train them to become tutors. The community centre receives funding to deliver the programme.

The programmes focus on what is known as “foundation skills” – English language, English literacy and numeracy. It involves learning about listening, speaking, reading, writing, digital literacy and use of mathematical ideas.

They can also involve employability skills – collaboration, problem-solving, self-management, learning and information and communication technology required for participation in modern workplaces and contemporary life.

Centres can choose which programmes to deliver based on their own community needs.

Some of our resources are dated but are still considered useful.

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Resources for you and your Tutors



Community Centres SA has developed a series of free webinars for ACE providers. Our aim is to bring professional development to you – anytime, anywhere – so you never miss out!

Check out the Training & Events page to access all of our webinars and recordings.

Off the shelf Adult Community Education training courses developed by Community Centres SA available freely to you!

Further Information

Further information is available from the Department of Innovation and Skills

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