Over time we have developed a wide range of resources to help both our members and the community in their work

Community Centres often partner with local services and businesses to provide information or activities that facilitate positive outcomes for local communities. CCSA provides opportunities for organisations to partner with their local Community Centre.

Inclusivity is at the core focus of all we do at CCSA – we continue to work with Community/Neighbourhood Centres and the sector as a whole to explore and support ways that the services and programs being offered are inclusive to everyone. 

Adult Community Education programmes are community-based learning programs. They support members of our communities to begin their adult learning journey. The programmes focus on what is known as “foundation skills” – English language, English literacy and numeracy. It involves learning about listening, speaking, reading, writing, digital literacy and use of mathematical ideas.

Community gardens are great places to grow a sense of community and to build connections, as well as to grow food! Many community and neighbourhood centres have an association with a community garden.

Community Centres SA work with the Good Things Foundation and the Wyatt Trust to bring computer literacy to communities. Many of the resources we use to teach are freely available to the general public. There are a wide range of topics covered from learning to turn on your laptop to streaming a live video.

Community Centres play an important role in the not-for-profit service network in South Australia. The knowledge they contribute through this evidence-based approach will support any collective action on local issues requiring a place-based approach to respond to local needs.

Community Centres SA delivers an annual conference (or as we like to call it, a Festival) to its members and the Human Services sector. Each year focuses on a different emerging trend and themes that impact the work you do every day.

The Conversation Series is our online forum that brings to you people with exemplary experiences and insights in a range of areas. The theme of each conversation is informed by our members who are invited to attend online. However, these recordings are available to everyone to engage with at your own pace.

Community Centres SA has developed an extensive resource portal with activities and support information for COVID-19.

DGR (deductible gift recipient) is a vehicle Neighbourhood Houses/Centres can use to accept tax deductible donations ($20 or over) or apply for grants from philanthropic foundations/trusts and corporations requiring DGR tax status.

Domestic violence Services resources have been developed in response to issues and questions raised by Community Centres and Neighbourhood Houses about domestic violence services.

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iDrive is a supervised driving program providing experience behind the wheel for learner drivers where CCSA provides a safe space for learner drivers to gain hours behind the wheel. The program also aims to strengthen connections within the community by increasing connectedness to partnering community centres.

CCSA has drafted resources to assist centres to develop their procedures and supporting documents.

CCSA is a leader in outcomes, measurement and data in South Australia. Since adopting the Results Based Accountability™ (RBA) framework in 2010, we have developed extensive knowledge and experience in applying outcomes frameworks for organisations, government agencies (programs and contract management) and collective impact initiatives.

Placemaking is the act of reimagining everyday spaces into places where people love to gather and connect. It looks at how the “built environment” impacts on the way people understand and use a place and connect with each other.

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (sometimes called ASES) are quality standards for the community services sector. In South Australia the standards are administered by the Department of Human Services (DHS).

CCSA is committed to building business skills and Community/Neighbourhood Centres overall sustainability. The growth and development of existing and potential social enterprises is a priority.

“If you do not step forward you will always be in the same place.”