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Placemaking is the art of reimagining a space into a place where people love to gather and connect.

What is placemaking?

Placemaking is the act of reimagining everyday spaces into places where people love to gather and connect. It looks at how the “built environment” impacts on the way people understand and use a place and connect with each other. Ultimately, it aims to break down physical barriers of inclusion and create spaces where people feel they belong.

The resources on this page are for community development practitioners who are looking to undertake a placemaking project. Placemaking is never finished! As our communities grow and change, so do their needs and the kinds of spaces they require.

Principles of Placemaking

7 principles developed by CCSA through research and co-design with the sector
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Tools and Tips

Checklists, how-to's and more resources to help you facilitate your own placemaking journey
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CCSA's Placemaking in Community Centres course is now available online!

Placemaking Projects Gallery

Browse the images below or use the filters to see the projects according to the CCSA Placemaking Principles for Community Centres. These photos are from CCSA’s placemaking project completed in 2020 with 20 Centres across the state.

Midway Road's Placemaking Journey

In 2019, CCSA worked closely with Midway Road Community Centre to undertake a placemaking project. Following the success of this project DHS funded CCSA in 2020-2021 to work with an additional 20 Community Centres to support them to undertake their own placemaking journey.

Further Information

Contact CCSA on 8371 4622 or email us below to learn more about placemaking and your community or share your placemaking projects!